The Importance of Cake in a Wedding 

When a groom and bride start to plan the biggest and most special day of their life, the wedding cake is certainly one of the most important things that first come to mind. A wedding will never be complete without a cake. Whether your cake is a full blown, an arrangement of cupcakes, or a tiered cake, your wedding will never be special without it. Perhaps, your wedding cake is the most special element of the wedding, which can create most impact on your guests. This is the reason why you should ensure that you only choose the best cake design and supplier so that your wedding will be even more special and elegant. Below, you will find some of the many reasons why a cake is important to any wedding, no matter how big or small and elegant or simple it is.

Cake in a Wedding

  1. Theme and Impression

The major reason why a wedding cake is important to every wedding is the fact that it helps set the wedding’s theme. Fortunately, cakes in cake me home are often designed to best mimic the wedding’s theme. Therefore, if the theme of your wedding is roses, then your wedding cake would be covered in elegantly crafted and matching roses in order to match wedding theme. Furthermore, even if your guests have not already realized your wedding’s them through the decors, the wedding cake will certainly give you the chance to fully capture them as well as showcase it in an elegant and decadent dessert.

  1. Ceremony

Now that you know that your wedding cake is important to tell the people about your wedding’s theme and to create impression, you must also know that your wedding cake is an important part of the ceremony after marriage. The groom and bride will cut the cake, and all the guests will get to eat a piece of it. This is actually one of the special moments in the wedding that a lot of guests wait for, which is why it’s extremely necessary for your wedding cake to taste fabulous and has a good presentation as well. If there’s one element of your wedding other than your marital vows, which people will rave and remember about for years to come – it is your wedding cake. In addition to that, people often commemorate the wedding cakes through taking photos of it and oftentimes, it is the backdrop used by the groom and bride as well as other people who would want to take photos during the wedding.

  1. Choosing the Right Wedding Cake

When you are choosing a cake for your wedding, it’s extremely important that you select a cake that fits your them and personal preferences. In addition to that, it’s also crucial to choose one that suits your personal taste choices. A wedding cake that looks good and tastes even better is definitely a perfect addition to your wedding, no matter what you theme is. This is the reason why it’s extremely important that you only choose to buy from a professional and reputable cake company when it comes to your wedding.



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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Cake for Your Wedding 

  1. Start Early

Your choice of venue can greatly influence the design and aesthetic details of your wedding cake. For example, delicate butter cream icing will not withstand extreme heat and sturdier fondant at a summer outdoor wedding. Therefore, once you have already secured the final location of your wedding, you can then begin shopping around for a professional and skilled baker.

Best Cake for Your Wedding

  1. Find the Right Baker

Certainly, word of mouth is the most tested and proven way to find the right baker for your wedding, however, attending wedding fairs or bazaars is also another route. During a wedding fare, couples will be able to have the opportunity to know local bakers as well as sample and see different cakes without having the need to commit to a consultation and negotiation in private.

  1. Use Social Media

Like a lot of crafts, bakes also post their work in real time through social media. Therefore, brides to be can be able to get a clear sense of the cakes as well as the bakers. However, you should not rely on the photos only. It is also important that you seek out online reviews and testimonials in order to complete the picture prior to scheduling a meeting with a certain baker.

  1. Align Your Own Style

Nowadays, bakers are highly specialized and a lot of them offer a wider variety of designs. There are some bakers that specialize in fondant cakes that have modern aesthetic designs and do not bake rustic and or butter cream cakes, while there are other bakers who prefer to make butter cream cakes. Aside from that, there are even bakers in the market who only make naked cakes. Therefore, as you explore as well as gather images of cakes, note the designs and styles that attract you most or deliver more of your personality. Would it be geometric, rustic, romantic, whimsical, or glamorous?

  1. Schedule a Meeting

Once you have already narrowed down your search to at least 2 or 3 bakers, your cake selection journey begins. Before you even think about vanilla bean vs. red velvet, your chose baker will need all your details like the venue, wedding date as well as estimated head count. Remember that you should go with the one that is experienced and skilled enough.

  1. Bottom Line Basics

The big part of the baker’s job is to help the bride and groom to be prioritize where the wedding cake fits within their budget. A professional and trustworthy cake designer like will certainly make helpful and honest suggestions in order to keep your wedding budget on point, while making sure that you still meet your aesthetic needs and preferences.

  1. Consider the Cost 

The cake’s cost is often estimated by the complexity of the design as well as the number of servings that is needed for the event. For example, sugar flowers can certainly spike the price since they are time consuming and handcrafted – thus quite expensive compared to other styles of a wedding cake.

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Perfect Birthday Cake Ideas for Men and Women 

When you’re in charge of buying a birthday cake for your friend’s surprise party or any type of birthday celebration, there are a lot of unique options that you can choose from. All you have to do is look for the most professional and reputable baker such as cake me home Ajax to  make sure that you get the best value. Choosing the birthday celebrant’s favorite flavor is actually a good place to start. However, what about the design and style of the birthday cake? With a lot of different birthday cake designs to choose from, it’s really imperative to keep your choices open. As a matter of fact, matching the right birthday cake design to the birthday celebrant’s personality can help in making his or her birthday extra special. In this article, you will be guided about how to choose the right birthday cake design for men and women.

Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Cake Ideas for Men

Men are absolutely different from women and certainly wouldn’t want a birthday cake with pink things and flowers all over it. The most popular birthday cake choices for men include:

  • Baseball Birthday Cake – You can order for a cake that looks like a large baseball and is surrounded with a few baseball bats. A baseball fanatic will certainly enjoy this.
  • Fast Food Birthday Cake – This cake can look like a large hamburger with French fries sidings.
  • Sports Car Birthday Cake – For men who love cars, you can order a cake that looks like his favorite sports car.
  • Beer Mug Birthday Cake – If the birthday celebrant loves to drink beer, a beer mug cake is the most ideal cake design for him. If you buy a cake with an actual beer mug look, the birthday celebrant will certainly adore it.
  • AB Start Birthday Cake – If the birthday celebrant loves video games, an AB Start birthday cake is certainly the best option. You can order one that is designed to look like the original Nintendo controller.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Women

Birthday cakes designs for women often feature fancy attributes and bright colors. Some of the great birthday cake designs for women include:

Designs for birthday cakes intended for women usually feature bright colors and fancy attributes. A few great designs include:

  • Shopping Birthday Cake – With a shopping theme for a birthday cake, this design is the best for women who love to shop.
  • Movie or TV show Inspired Birthday Cake – There are women who love to watch their favorite movies or TV shows the whole day and for every fan girl, this is absolutely the perfect birthday cake design.
  • Pet Birthday Cake – If the birthday celebrant loves pets like dogs and cats, you can order one for her and she will certainly feel that her birthday is special.
  • Cupcake Bouquet – You can also order a cupcake bouquet that looks like a flower bouquet but made of cupcakes.
  • Any Pink Cake – Most women will certainly appreciate a beautiful pink cake with fancy designs. You can request for a pink cake surrounded or topped with make-up, bags, or shoes design. The birthday celebrant will surely feel more appreciated and loved if you surprise her with this kind of cake design.



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